Carefully assembled in Minneapolis, our quilts are handcrafted by local artisans. We strive to make pieces that withstand the passing of time in both design and ethos. As industry in the U.S.A. continues to evolve and many skilled laborers are being displaced, Louise Gray aspires to offset this trend by manufacturing domestically. Unique, versatile, and honest, we see our pieces as a choice and an investment, objects that contemplate the future and inspire and refine the way we live.


Production director Karen Gray is a lifelong seamstress whose passion for traditional quilting was passed down to her daughter, Alexandra. Karen handles sourcing the materials for each quilt—including fabrics from California, batting from Virginia, and thread from Utah—to guarantee a product that supports a rich domestic manufacturing tradition. Karen strives to cultivate personal relationships with each supplier in order to foster a strong community of American makers.


As a seasoned sales director with a family history in quilt making, co-founder Alexandra Gray Bennett aspires to make the tradition relevant to a modern, thoughtful consumer. While studying anthropology in college, she became fascinated with the concept of storytelling through objects and its significance throughout human history. With her work at Louise Gray, she seeks to create pieces that have a meaningful purpose while also supporting the local cut-and-sew industry.


Creative director and co-founder Jocelin Johnson contributes her knowledge as a trained graphic designer to manage the Louise Gray brand and define its signature style. Clean lines, harmonious compositions, and sophisticated color pallets are considered fundamental to each design. She is inspired by various mediums, from architecture and furniture to typography and fashion. Her appreciation for refined design and mindful consumerism is woven through every stylistic detail.