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Celebrating Pride Month

Pride Month is as much a month of celebration as it is a month of reflection. We’re commemorating the LGBTQ+ community this year with our latest limited edition release.

With bands of rainbow colors, our designs represent the iconic symbol of Pride and our aim to encourage awareness, acceptance, and equality for all.

In partnership with The National AIDS Memorial, 20% of profits will go towards supporting The AIDS Memorial Quilt; the largest ongoing community art project in the world. The historical quilt serves as a space for community remembrance, chronicling the names and stories of lives lost, individually hand-sewn into each heartfelt panel.

We send our thoughts towards healing the past as we champion a shared vision where everyone is safe to live and love freely. Join us in honoring the right to authentically be yourself in every single brilliant color of the rainbow.

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Pride Little Quilt

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Pride Throw Quilt

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National AIDS Memorial

By sharing the story of the struggle against HIV/AIDS, we remember, in perpetuity, the lives lost, we offer healing and hope to survivors, and we inspire new generations of activists in the fight against stigma, denial, and hate, for a just future. To learn more about the National AIDS Memorial visit

– National AIDS Memorial

Image courtesy of Lee Snider/Photo Images/Corbis—Getty Images


About Louise Gray

Carefully assembled in Minneapolis, our quilts are handcrafted by local artisans. We strive to make pieces that withstand the passing of time in both design and ethos. As industry in the U.S.A. continues to evolve and many skilled laborers are being displaced, Louise Gray aspires to offset this trend by manufacturing domestically. Unique, versatile, and honest, we see our pieces as a choice and an investment, objects that contemplate the future and inspire and refine the way we live.