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Pre-order the 2018 Collection

Louise Gray pays homage to the tradition of quilting by creating beautiful contemporary heirlooms. Dedicated to fostering sustainable manufacturing practices, we are proud to have each design handcrafted by local artisans in Minneapolis. Louise Gray is determined to transform how we invest in and curate a well-considered home, being ever mindful that life can always be a little cozier.


Drawing inspiration from an established artistic heritage, Louise Gray intends for each expertly crafted quilt to be handed down and appreciated for years to come. Our queen quilts are finely detailed without compromising utility, making them a modern staple in the well-curated home. Each piece is meticulously constructed by local artisans from 100% cotton and linen materials and is machine-washable — perfect for those with little ones and pets.



By carefully editing a selection of meaningful pieces, Louise Gray aims to make thoughtful design and heirloom-quality construction accessible to the modern consumer. Ideal for small-space living, the quilted throw pillow is a perfect complement to your living space or bedroom. Each pillow is crafted from 100% cotton and linen materials by artisans in Minneapolis, making it practical as well as beautiful.