Threads of Time

Celebrating Black History Month

Sometimes to find your way forward, you must take a step looking back. We cannot recognize the art of quilting today without calling attention to the profoundly important works hailing from Gee’s Bend, a remote area in Alabama that is home to a legendary community of black women artists. Their patchwork quilts made from salvaged fabric and tattered work clothes tell the story of tragedy and triumph. Of enormous difficulties and extraordinary determination.

We invite you to celebrate the achievements of all black artists with our limited edition Black History Quilts, inspired by the endurance, community, and creativity of Gee’s Bend. In partnership with The Souls Grown Deep Foundation, 100% of the profits from your purchase will go towards their mission of promoting African American artists from the South and preserving the cultural traditions in which they are rooted.

To the generations of artists stitching together their story. To the imperfectly perfect masterpieces of Gee’s Bend. To the ones who saw a diamond in what little they had, over largely, what they did not. May we all be wise enough to follow their lead.

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Black History Little Quilt

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Black History Throw Quilt

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Souls Grown Deep and Gee’s Bend

The Souls Grown Deep Foundation is dedicated to promoting African American artists from the South and supporting their communities through economic empowerment, racial and social justice, and educational advancement.

To learn more about the Gee’s Bend quilters and The Souls Grown Deep Foundation visit



Housetop Nine-Block Quilt

Annie E. Pettway




Two-Sided Quilt Blocks

Polly Bennett




About Louise Gray

Carefully assembled in Minneapolis, our quilts are handcrafted by local artisans. We strive to make pieces that withstand the passing of time in both design and ethos. As industry in the U.S.A. continues to evolve and many skilled laborers are being displaced, Louise Gray aspires to offset this trend by manufacturing domestically. Unique, versatile, and honest, we see our pieces as a choice and an investment, objects that contemplate the future and inspire and refine the way we live.